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Off-Duty Gamers on secure data storage

From Off-Duty Gamers: The LOK-IT

I’ve copied this excellent article here for your edification but it originates with ODG6 Actual (hopefully the use of ‘6’ and ‘Actual’ require no explanation – if they do, one of our readers will no doubt help out. Off Duty Gamers is a great site; one you should definitely check out. (The video with this article is a little dry, but watch it anyway.)


Introducing LOK-IT, a USB ‘thumb’ or ‘key’ drive that offers all the flexibility of taking your electronic documentation with the peace of mind that your data will stay safe no matter what.


Why you might consider it

There are plenty of times where a USB drive (standard unsecured) comes in handy from moving files to your kids taking electronic homework and presentations to school. For me personally, I have Portable Apps Suite loaded on the drive and run numerous applications directly off the drive. While I am at work I can access my Email client, FTP and various other tools without loading them on the work or client computer.

For those in the military or in corporate life, you might need to take sensitive information with you that if compromised could be a major issue. We all have sensitive information to carry and doing it securely can offer convenience and peace of mind even if your data is locked away at home.


PIN based access control

With a minimum of 7 digits and maximum of 15 the best case odds of your PIN being hit by random is 1 in 10,000,000

They have figured out a way to make sure that a lazy user doesn’t add risk by blocking repeating number pins or sequential number pins.


Completely self contained military grade, FIPS certified, 256 bit AES hardware encryption in CBC mode on the device so there is no risk that the encryption could be tampered with using a software (on the OS) solution.

USB 2.0

Fully supports USB 2.0 which is widely available across devices and platforms offering flexible use in almost any situation.

Forgot PIN Drive Recovery

If you forget the PIN (I know.. but it happens) the data is a loss but the physical drive can be recovered and reused. You can initiate this recovery by forcing it to reset via the Hacking Detection feature (below)

Hacking Detection

After 10 failed attempts at accessing the drive:

  1. A new encryption key is created
  2. The user PIN is cleared
  3. Existing data becomes inaccessible
  4. A new PIN must be set
  5. Drive requires reformatting due to creation of the new encryption key
  6. Existing data is deleted
The device has six (6) encryption keys built in, after those are used (resets) then the device becomes unusable.

Rechargeable Battery

Battery manages on board functions and recharges when utilized in a USB based device that allows charging.

Ease of Use

Over the last few years USB ‘thumb’ drives are everywhere and they come in all shapes and sizes. One of the features that has made them so prevalent is the versatility and ease of use. Find a USB port in any of your electronic devices, push your drive in and it is typically recogonized and ready for use.

LOK-IT is no different than any other USB on the market from a the standpoint of finding a port and having the local device recognize it. Outside of the security this device is exactly like any of the other drives you’ve either owned or can find so if you find your current one easy, you’ll have no trouble here.


With USB drives like this the goal is simple. Big enough that it can be handled but small enough that it can be kept in hand or in a pocket and be ready when you need it. The size of this device is about average but the length is all utility when considering the button pin entry interface.

The buttons are small and require a little patience until you get used to it. With two numbers per row users with large fingers might find the PIN entry procedure a little more challenging. A raised area under each number allows you to get a sense of where you are even if you cant see the numbers directly.


In my tests the drive performed identically to any of the unsecure USB 2.0 models you find in wide circulation. The drive is recognized quickly, runs without accepting any software or drivers and flat out just does its job.

In my usage testing I have been running the drive with many of the applications that I use at home or at work. I saw no difference in performance and everything was reactive and without issue.


The stick is a little longer than some others on the market mostly to accommodate the button interface needed for entering your pin but its nothing but solid. While I wasn’t going to do a dunk test the manufacturer says the unit performs even after getting a 1 meter bath (Id likely let id dry out of course) but that means spills or dropping your keys in a puddle should be just fine.


Since this is a contract piece and not currently being sold retail there is no price tag to consider here but it does have a high value in how much you protect your data when you’re on the road. A value proposition factors in very quickly when you lose positive control of your data and you are able to get some relief knowing that whomever has your LOK-IT isnt going to doing anything with your data.

Final Word

Corporate data, personal data or for you military types who just flat out don’t want to leave your personal data, family photos and electronic records for some tango to find later. If you want to protect it, LOK-IT is a seriously solid answer to that need.

Read more: http://www.offdutygamers.com/2011/11/lok-it-securely-carry-your-electronic-documents/#ixzz1oS6lgTDT


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