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Oh-Three MOS Patches

Battle Systems LLC is selling an interesting series of morale patches: USMC MOS “patches”, specifically the 03 series (no 0311s yet, sorry grunts, but give ’em time). The owner of Battle Systems LLC was with 2/8 CAAT from ’02-’05 and did the OIF invasion in 2003, OEF ’03-’04 and OIF again in ’05. His partner in crime in the business was a west coaster who did time with 5TH Marines and 7TH Marines.

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Tactical Fanboy: A morale patch for machine-gunners.








One Response to “Oh-Three MOS Patches”

  1. red2alpha73 says:

    This is really cool. I haven’t seen a lot of Marine specific patches on the market and they shouldn’t be neglected.

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