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Run for your lives.

Part obstacle course, part race…the only bad thing is you can’t shoot at ’em.


Now that would be an event eh? Check out Run for your lives.

2 Responses to “Run for your lives.”

  1. George says:

    I was at the first one. It was a disaster and I’ll never be back. The location chosen was horrible, traffic was backed up for miles because the parking location was horrible. Then you had to wait in line for 30 minutes for a bus to take you to the location. Then you had to wait in line to get registered. Then you waited in line for gear check-in. Notice the pattern here? The actual course was decent, but not very challenging at all. The zombies were clustered together at obvious chokepoints. The usual way to get through was to wait before an obstacle and then rush through in a group. (More waiting in line.) When I went, it was at the end of the day and the course was pure mud. At that point many people weren’t even running the course, they were walking between obstacles. When I finished, there was a long line to use a few hoses to clean off. There was no changing area, so people were changing into dry clothes out in the open. I got my stuff, walked back to the car, (because the line for the shuttle was 45 minutes long) and then went home. Screw this company and their horribly organized events.

  2. Grayson says:


    I have been told that there is a much more fun event involving running and danger, that takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana, in July.

    It is supposedly based on the annual Pampalona Running of the Bulls, but there are no bulls involved.
    Instead, participating runners are pursued by members of the local ladies rollerderby team, on rollerskates of course; the ladies wear bull horns on their helmets, and carry big plastic and/or foam baseball bats.
    Which the ladies apparently wield with gleeful, savage, undisguised enthusiasm.

    I have also been told, by certain people requesting anonymity (all of whom seem to have Cajun accents and like spicy food), that the more intoxicated you are, the less painful it is for the runners.

    Holy Crom, I’d gladly pay money to watch that!!

    If I can, I’ll try to dig up more info. It sounds like a hell of a lot more fun than this “Run for your lives” stuff.
    Honestly. If I can’t do some zombie killing, I’m NOT having fun, dammit!!

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