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The Mad Duo’s most recent SITREP

from Kit Up! over the weekend.

The new issue of Recoil Magazine is out. If you haven’t read one yet, you really should. Plus, they love the Mad Duo. Just ask them. Picture courtesy of OneUp Design Lab.

The cake celebrating issue one's success. (They're gonna need a second cake, and if they wind up going monthly or even bi-monthly they'll all be fat asses).











TEN-X Defense had a meeting with Kelly Muir and is happy to announce she’s joining their team as a part of their 10X Defense program advisory board. Her job will be to provide guidance in their female only program development. Ten-X Defense will be offering her Wrong WomanTM program to their female clients. Ten-X on Facebook at











HSGI belts recently got a helluva workout in Finland.

“Heikki Kosomaa; We put Cobra belt under some serious testing. It took more tension than buckle have been rated (18kN) and buckle works perfectly after this. No deformation. This belt rocks! Greetings from Finland / Operator”

Kit Up! HSGI belts getting a workout in Finland.


















We’ll close with a picture of some of our gear taken one night after SHOT Show.

Mad Duo Clear.

Good gear is important.

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