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Bullet Chess Set

This chess set available from Olde World Collectables and Creations is made from red oak with two brass carrying handles, and uses spent .223 cartridges for the pieces; one side uses brass casings and the other uses steel casings. The pieces are detailed using a combination of cutting, curling, and wood burning and are also clear coated. Additionally, the company can and will make any customer a custom set in any cartridge they request.

Olde World Collectables – Bullet Chess Set

4 Responses to “Bullet Chess Set”

  1. Mike says:

    A guy at STS in Virginia Beach makes one of these from .50 BMG rounds. We have one in the lounge of the Pro Shop and it’s an eye-catcher for sure!

  2. Chess always is one such game which we all love to play. It never bores us

  3. […] pieces of this set by Chessammo, rather than formed from spend casings, are molded from solid brass and aluminum into models of calibers of ammunition: 9mm for Pawn, .50 […]

  4. shawn goodson says:

    want to get for a gift for a marine

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