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Gratuitous Hawt Tattooed Chick – NSFW


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7 Responses to “Gratuitous Hawt Tattooed Chick – NSFW”

  1. Alexander says:

    I think that you should just start a separate softcore porn blog so we can stay on topic to be honest.

  2. Mike says:

    I have to agree with Alexander on this. I have actually had to stop viewing this blog at work during the off hours because of these images. They seriously either need to be hidden from the main page or a totally separate blog should be created.

  3. rrossouw says:

    As much as I admire the female forms posted I agree with Alexander and Mike.

    TFB girls with guns and gear are good, but this is really getting too NSFW.

  4. John M. Denny says:

    I personally enjoy the Hawt postings, but understand the environment some must endure, being forced to work in pussified, balls in the lockbox kind of places.

    Maybe you could do what SSD does to link to you, put a link in-between the archives and email, so we can select when we want to view the awesomeness.

    Either way, being the perv I am, I like what you give us, and hope you continue.

  5. TANSTAAFL says:

    Done deal. We’ll do a tag to the rest of it and put NSFW in the title line. Good enough?

  6. mike says:

    Three cheers to hiding the images behind links. I work in a pretty cool environment and they don’t question too much what I look at on the internet, but we like to keep it somewhat professional and it definitely changed how much time I spent on the page. Besides, everyone has access to google images and /s/… 😉

  7. Mike says:

    Just for the record, the above “mike” is not me. However, I will echo his sentiments that this is definitely a good move and will make it much simpler for me to view TF at work (I will no longer have to be looking over my shoulder to make sure no one is behind me).

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