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Call of Duty 2: Hidden QR Code?

Nice catch here. We’ll see if anything comes of  it. There’s a QR code on the right side of the butt of the weapon towards the end of 1:53.

Check it out. Let us know if anyone manages to redeem it.


5 Responses to “Call of Duty 2: Hidden QR Code?”

  1. Jamie says:

    Nope, my iPhone won’t pick it up. Too blurry

  2. Aaron says:

    Just a hunch but…Someone at the Game Developer probably took a picture or had a picture of a military weapon. It isn’t uncommon for them to have a stick that has the Serial Number, Weapon Model, Manufacturer and a QR Code. It probably doesn’t yield anything, but a failure for the game developer failing to realize these stickers often disappear after they’re used by a soldier for more than 8 hours.

  3. Alexander N says:

    That’s the KRISS pistol. That big box thing under the barrel is a smaller version of the mechanism in a Super V or whatever it’s called now.

  4. Zak says:

    The stickers on our weapons survived a year long deployment. They are typically covered with a coat of epoxy to ensure they don’t fall off. All it does is aide in weapon accountability as the Arms Room will have a scanner.

  5. bradt says:

    Yeah, the QR code contains Serial #, CAGE Code, and other misc. accountability data. They probably got it when they took pictures for the textures.

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