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Gratuitous hawt tattooed chick (NSFW)

This one is particularly delightful.

Wish we could tell you who these women are, and their pages or whatnot to support ’em.


7 Responses to “Gratuitous hawt tattooed chick (NSFW)”

  1. Zmarrs says:

    That is a gorgeous woman, and the photographer was brilliant getting that angle and not exposing anything.

  2. John M. Denny says:

    Damn that’s nice!

    Would love to spend some time in her garden…

  3. killslowly says:

    so…. what’s stopping you?

  4. G.Tamayo says:

    Two art forms melding into one, brilliant.

  5. lucky says:

    usually I gave a snarky remark, but in all honesty, that is some beautiful ink on a seriously banging body!

  6. TANSTAAFL says:

    Killslowly, I can’t speak for TFBKD but for me it’s because most of the time we get the images as a forward or via social media. When we have the identification of these girls, we share them. Going to make a more concerted effort to do that.

  7. killslowly says:

    ^^^ 🙁 I is sad 🙁 but thanks for the answer. It makes sense.

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