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Revolution is coming…

…and I want to watch it.

Please let this be as good as the potential. Don’t let ’em screw it up and make it an episode-centric post-apocalyptic teen drama soap opera combo.

Black powder weapons, crossbows, Book-of-Eli type knife-fightin’ in post-apocalyptic Chicago. Honestly, that’s not a whole lot different than some of what’s going on in Chi-town right now, but what they’ve done to Wrigley Field is a travesty! If there is some sort of local warlord there, some petty Cook County despot, he needs to do something to honor them Cubs before there’s a coup.



11 Responses to “Revolution is coming…”

  1. Gago says:

    Sounds like “The Postman” with Kevin Costner.

  2. red2alpha73 says:

    I was sent this last night by a friend. I agree with you 100%, TFB. Please don’t let this suck and yes, certain parts feel like The Postman-read the book, much better than the movie- but I shall reserve judgement until I watch the show.

    *Beat me to it on this one.

  3. John Denny says:

    I can see this starting out really cool, and then rapidly devolving into crap. (I mean, come on, it’s NBC…)

  4. Trevor says:

    Oh, NBC. They will hype it, get everybody hooked, and then drop it.

  5. Aeain says:

    As stated on survival blog reminds me of S.M. Stirlings book series about “The Change”

  6. Killchain says:

    Just hot chicks with bows/crossbows. Hungergames ala TV.

  7. Craig says:

    I don’t care what it looks like I’ll watch it.. since Terra Nova got canceled.

  8. Mike K. says:

    ehhh… It always amazes me how in the post apocalypse worlds of television that everyone is in great shape, well groomed and hot.

    I’ll watch it for a little bit at least.

    Please don’t suck.

  9. SunwolfNC says:

    Eh – I’m not seeing any magic in this.
    I got screwed with Jericho and Fallen Skies. I’m not going to rush to watch this one.

    Too many ‘wtf’ things in the trailer makes it really hard to suspend disbelief.
    Muskets? Really? Wtf…
    Engines don’t work? What about pre-1980 engines with no need for electronics?
    Makes no sense 🙂

  10. Riceball says:

    Looks pretty cool, I just hope that they don’t make it all episodic like they did Terra Nova and Alcatraz, to make this show work they really need to make serial like Lost and Fringe and build on every episode.

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