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1500 Hour Remembrance: Don’t Forget! » 2009_0124_John A. Logan

John A. Logan
Franklin Simmons
P Street & 13th Street, NW

John Logan (1826-1886) served in the Mexican War, the Illinois legislature, and was elected to the U.S. Congress in 1858. He also served in the army during the Civil War and contributed to the capture of Vicksburg. After leaving the army (Gen. Sherman recommended it to Lincoln), he founded the Grand Army of the Republic, an organization for Civil War veterans. He served three terms as U.S. Senator and was the moving force behind the creation of Decoration Day (now known as Memorial Day).

An equestrian portrait of General John A. Logan rests atop a rectangular bronze base adorned with allegorical figures and reliefs depicting two scenes in Logan’s life. Logan, dressed in his Civil War uniform, is astride his horse with his proper left hand holding the reins and his proper right hand holding his sword pointed downward. Logan is depicted with collar-length hair and a long moustache. His uniform consists of a long belted jacket, boots, gloves and a hat. The horse is striding forward with its proper right front foot raised. The sculpture rests on top of a bronze base which is installed on a low stone base. At each corner of the bronze base is an American Eagle which symbolizes Patriotism. Palm leaves symbolizing Victory adorn the lower portion of the bronze base around the area inscribed with LOGAN.
The relief on the west side of the bronze base depicts Logan, dressed in his military uniform, standing in the midst of a group of his fellow officers who are meeting to discuss the Civil War. On his proper right is a table with a map spread out over it. Three officers study the map as one figure points to something on the map. The other officers look toward Logan who rests his proper left hand on the map and looks out away from the group. The relief on the east side of the bronze base depicts Logan standing before Vice President Chester A. Arthur who is swearing him in as a senator. As a group of Logan’s fellow sen

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