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Combat Mindset

Some thoughts on Combat Mindset, from CRAFT International Training:

When I began my training many years ago, it was very much like a game of chess with strategy and tactics.  I believed that with enough training I could counter any move.  I would often see a move or tactic and immediately tell you what I could do to counter that move.  I truly did not understand the elements of violence.  I was basing all my training on people who had the same values and ethics or morality as myself.  I was only fighting to win and dominate.  I had not added the words destroy or kill.  I was not ready to say those words or introduce their meaning to my training.  I learned that the criminal has no fight within his/her moral compass to bring violence.  He/she will seek violence and I would always be fighting from a defensive position.  I had to change this.  I had to discover my violence and truth.  I had to be able to go where the predators go.

chess board

After, learning and understanding the nature of violence and Chaos, I no longer saw Chess as a game of strategy and tactics.  I no longer equated my training to chess.  Chess allowed an opponent in the game and you would work to defeat them.  I learned to never allow anyone in the game.  It all begins with behavior and understanding the nature of the predator.  The predator will take, cheat and dominate your tactics.  If your Defensive Tactics training leads you toward reactionary training, you will fail.

chess peices

Once an officer can fight and train under the combat mind, he must also understand his/her morality and descalate to the appropriate use of force.  It is the human element that makes you different from a criminal.
by Rigo Durazo,
Craft Director of Combative Training
Creator of TACFLOW

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