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Read this op-ed from the Rhino Den.

Excerpted from the Rhino Den.

chris hayesMSNBC’s Chris Hayes proclaimed on Memorial Day that he was uncomfortable labeling fallen troops as heroes as he felt the term is used as an excuse to engage in “Unjust Wars”.

Somewhere Michael Moore, Bill Maher, and the Westboro Baptist Church just had a Douchegasm.

Forget that Hayes chose the worst possible day imaginable to show off his Brown University education by trying to opine on the definition of the word “Hero”.  Also, forget that his “brilliance” had a special layer of disrespect as he dropped this knowledge bomb on us directly after speaking to a Marine who holds the honored and difficult responsibility of delivering the news of the fallen to their families.  Let’s just look at his base contention: hearing the word “Hero” in relation to fallen members of the military makes people want to go to war…

…There was a time when men served – when to not serve was deemed cowardice.  There was a time when Captain America, the weak little kid who couldn’t enlist because he was too small and sickly but never gave up until he could wear the uniform, was our gold standard of manhood, service, and patriotism.

We all know those days are dying if they aren’t dead already.

It’s been replaced by a small patriotic civilian base who understands the founding principles of our nation and the 0.45%, a shrinking warrior caste that is expected to hold the Fort while much of the rest of the country pushes for their next thrill, next car, next reality TV show, and next pleasure…

Read this story in its entirety.

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2 Responses to “Read this op-ed from the Rhino Den.”

  1. specter says:

    sorry excuse for a man

  2. Grayson says:


    All of a sudden, I feel amazingly uncomfortable labeling this Chris hayes (or anybody from msnbc) as a ‘journalist’

    More like a ‘stinking used tampon’ or mayby a ‘disgusting sackful of rancid fuck-sauce’, for that matter.

    Is there anything these media whores won’t do to smear members of the Armed Services, any way they can get away with?

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