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Duffle Bag Back Pack – Indiegogo

Indiegogo is a site much like Kickstarter, where individuals can use cloud/social funding to raise capital for various projects. It also happens to be the platform that Matt Arrell of Home Combat Magazine is using to try and fund his project: converting old military duffel bags into EDC bags. The initial donation will be used to create prototypes for the bags, which will include a hydration bladder pocket and pockets on each of the shoulder straps for holding your cell phone and credentials. If these prototypes prove successful, the plan is to try and move production to a veteran’s homeless shelter in Arizona, which will provide the veterans with jobs and assistance. The project only requires $550 out of a $750 goal with 26 days left at the time of writing. You can find out more information at the project page on Indiegogo.

indiegogo – Duffle Bag Back Pack


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