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Drive A Tank

I first heard about Drive A Tank on NPR of all things, and the idea, while familiar, intrigued me: a company that specializes in recreational tank driving. Of course, we’ve already written about Armourgeddon Tank Paintball, and if the interview on NPR is any indication this is the very company that inspired the creation of Drive A Tank. Drive A Tank, however, is located in Kasota, Minnesota instead of Leicestershire, England, so it’s a bit more realistic that our CONUS-based readers would be able to make a visit.

Drive A Tank offers progressively pricier package deals which allow for the operation of the following vehicles: the FV 433 Abbott, FV432 APC, and Chieftain Main Battle Tank, which is used mainly to crush cars in the appropriately named “single car crush” or “double car crush” packages. Each deal includes a safety and introduction class and a hands on tour and photo op. Each package also comes with the opportunity to test fire from their collection of historic firearms in an indoor fire range.


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