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Nintendo Zapper Kydex Holster

This project by ‘A.F. 275 – Gun & Gear Blog’ is clearly the coolest non-licensed Nintendo accessory ever, a Kydex holster for the old-school Nintendo Zapper accessory. Stylish and quick on the draw to boot! Too bad it doesn’t give you the ability to shoot that damn taunting dog (in the Nintendo version, at least; at the arcade, however…).

Check ’em out on Facebook.

Thanks to Dnine for the tip.

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2 Responses to “Nintendo Zapper Kydex Holster”

  1. AF275 says:

    Really stoked you enjoyed my project. It’s made NES shooters a whole lot of fun. Should have a video of it in use soon, “Art of the Dynamic Zapper”. Always scan and assess after engaging your duck too, you never know if any others are lurking to your sides.

  2. mike says:

    Zappers also drop nicely into the SIG P226/225/220/228/229 SERPA holster. I was OCing a SIG 228 (before I had a permit to CC) in a cafe’ in a gym I used to work at. One of the employees kinda made a stink. The next day I came in OCing a Nintendo Zapper and even he thought it was funny. It broke the tension perfectly!

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