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The Blunderbuss Slingshot

Joerg Sprave of The Slingshot Channel proves once again that with a bit of ingenuity, wood, and rubber bands, one can make a slingshot for just about any occasion and purpose, including this ‘Jack-of-most-trades’ Blunderbuss Slingshot. Like it’s namesake, the Blunderbuss Slingshot is muzzle loading and designed to launch many kinds of (properly-sized) projectiles: wooden blocks, aerosol cans, stones, etc., thanks to a 150 lb. draw weight chord. Great from everything from marking a path to safety to quietly disposing of the living dead. And the best part? Ammo is virtually limitless! Unless, of course, you somehow manage to run out of rubble or something similar… or a band snaps and you don’t have a replacement… it’s still pretty damn cool.

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2 Responses to “The Blunderbuss Slingshot”

  1. Ed says:

    Careful! You can put an eye out with thing.

  2. Riceball says:

    That was pretty cool, I wonder how much more effective his zombie and vampire rounds would have been if he made them saboted? Without the weight and drag of the wooden blocks the rounds should, theoretically, act like darts and fly further and faster.

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