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SOG Voodoo Hawk – MultiCam Sheath

The MultiCam sheaths made by LBT for the SOG Voodoo Hawk LE have finally started shipping out. They’re made from nylon with a button snap closure and a belt loop. The LE sheath also better conforms to the blade when compared to the standard SOG sheath and seems of overall better quality. You can see additional photos below.

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3 Responses to “SOG Voodoo Hawk – MultiCam Sheath”

  1. Wabfirecop says:

    But how do you draw this with any efficiency? And how do you mount it to anything other than a pants belt or pack belt? I like the SOG kydex sheath, hopefully they make one for the voodoo hawk… Preferably in coyote kydex.

  2. Kaoskydexsolutions says:

    If they don’t make one, I can!

  3. Keith Dawson says:

    Hey, I’d love either a kydex, or nice nylon sheath. Just not the crap that came with it. If you can sell me one, tell me how I can make this transaction happen.

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