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The Ukrainian Airsoft Bundeswehr Reenactment Coalition Petition For Bundeswehr Airsoft Equipment And Weaponry


The Ukrainian Airsoft Bundeswehr Reenactment Coalition, “a group of airsoft enthusiasts and airsoft teams of reenactors and MilSim players, reenacting the units of the Bundeswehr”, has started a petition for airsoft manufacturers to develop and release replicas of weaponry and equipment used by the Bundeswehr. Such weaponry includes: the HK P8, HK MG4, MG3, HK G28, HK69; equipment includes: ELNO H295A headset, SEM52SL personal radio, and Thales LUCIE NVG helmet mount.

Change.org – Petition for airsoft manufacturers to produce airsoft versions of German arms, accessories, and combat gear

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