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ONE Custom ‘NZCS Tactical Corset’ – Reminder

Yeah, this has been published before, but apparently the offer is still open, so if you’re in the Portland, OR area and want your very own tactical corset…


Because it’s been a slow season, the folks of Niall’s Zombie Control Service have offered to make ‘one’ (see, the all-caps emphasis in the title was totally necessary) custom ‘NZCS Tactical Corset’ for ‘one’ lucky female individual, a piece of kit usually reserved for one of their team members. There are four stipulations to getting the corset, however:

1. You must be custom fitted, this must take place in the Portland Metro Area (Oregon).
2. You will not get the patches that they have on our uniforms.
3. The cost will be $225.
4. It will take up to 2 weeks after the fitting before it is ready.

Interested parties may contact NZCS via private message on their Facebook page.



One Response to “ONE Custom ‘NZCS Tactical Corset’ – Reminder”

  1. BlackLion says:

    Stipulation #5: Must post photos wearing the item.

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