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What The Hell?


I was using SSD’s range bag at a shooting class today and I found this inside.


7 Responses to “What The Hell?”

  1. Nick says:

    It’s the Licensed Euro only version of the PMAG. Cheaper Plastic.

  2. Steve-O Hype says:

    Unless Nick is just taking a shot in the dark, I think he’s probably right. If not, maybe it;s for G series rifles? Like how E-Mags fit in European 5.56 guns?

  3. Wes says:

    Magpul came out with a Pmag for ak

  4. Xavier says:

    Given the angle of the photo, you should see the top round in the stack. My guess is a Magpul-faux Airsoft mag got misplaced in a real gun bag. It’s too “clean” to be a real German Mag. They like it dirty. Ahem.

  5. Zach says:

    Nick is correct. The G-Mag is licensed by Magpul and it is made in Europe (Germany I believe) There are a few things that differ then with P-Mags, for one they use a cheaper polymer on the G-Mag, more of a plastic composite then an actual polymermix composite. It’s also a lot smoother, where as P-Mags have a grainy texture to them. The springs on the G-Mag are a little shorter and the follower doesn’t have that super smooth surface like the P-Mag, I have never used one but from guys that have they said they didn’t know the difference until they saw the “G”.

  6. Jim says:

    Ref it being an E-mag…looks nothing like the ones we were issued with.

  7. Sobi says:

    It´s this:



    The OA-Mag is not a Magpul-Product, nor is it licensed by Magpul Ind. in any way or did Magpul Ind. provide any help and assistance in developing this magazine. The OA-Mag will only be distributed to civilian customers in Germany and Europe. Worldwide distribution is limited as an OEM product, only together with an Oberland Arms rifle.

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