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DoorKickers is a top-down real time tactics game where you control a SWAT team clearing buildings and rescuing hostages using realistic weaponry and equipment. Gameplay can be paused to help the player to plan a strategy, although the player is graded on a number of factors per scenario, time of completion being one of those factors. The devs at KillHouse Games sent me the open early alpha build, and so far it shows a lot of promise.



8 Responses to “DoorKickers”

  1. spoogeonbill says:

    Looks like Police Quest: SWAT 2. I miss that game, you could deliver pizza to the hostages and donuts to your snipers. I’m in.

  2. CK says:

    DoorKickers is a game where the the due process portions of the 4th and 5th amendments are thrown out the window.

  3. @CK you could say Door Kickers is a game thats in development so a bunch of features are not yet in, and we’re concentrating on the tactical part of the gameplay.

    Incidentally, that’s also the part easier to present / understand from the top down perspective.

    Dan @ KillHouse Games

  4. Caio Agarie says:

    Qual a plataforma do jogo?

  5. Caio Agarie says:

    Whats the platform of the game?

  6. Eric B says:

    @CK, because games involving due process are SOOO exciting to play! I remember losing hours of my youth to “Police Procedural: Desk Squad” and who can forget the classic “Duke Nukem: The Judge’s Chamber” and the best-selling sequel “Duke Nukem: Grand Jury Testimony”. Bonus points for proper format of the warrant and for not getting it kicked back for spelling errors.

  7. @Eric B – Thanks for the chuckle 🙂
    @Caio Agarie – PC, later Mac / Linux and even later iOS / Android.

  8. […] 2 for top-down real-time tactics game DoorKickers has been released. Updates to the Alpha include: editable waypoints, go codes, door breaching, […]

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