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DoorKickers Alpha 3 + Demo


The third alpha build for DoorKickers has been released. The following features have been added to the current alpha:

– MacOSX and Linux support
– Mission results (Stars) are now stored and displayed for each level
– Briefing screen now contains some intel; map notes still to come
– Detailed statistics after each mission
– You can now delete portions of the path by right-clicking anywhere on it and selecting “Delete”; Shortcut to be added in next version.
– Added in-game epic music
– Added options menu (only Sound/Gore are configurable for now. Caution on the gore!)
– Multiple improvements for Menus/Hud
– Better looking graphics for some maps
– Fixed some crashes that were very common in the previous version (thanks for the crash reports!)
– Fixed a bug where troopers would not respond to commands
– Added shortcut for FPS display – F8

Additionally, if you haven’t paid your way into the alpha yet, there’s a demo with limited features available for the latest build. You can get the demo here: http://inthekillhouse.com/buy/


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