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Ballahack Airsoft Video Contest


Ballahack Airsoft and Elite Force is holding a video contest. Prizes are, in first, second, and third-prize order, a 1-year Platinum Pass, Elite Force VFC 417, and an Elite Force Tac 1911. Full contest rules and regulations can be found on this Facebook event page. Entries are due on YouTube by 2359 EST July 20th.

2 Responses to “Ballahack Airsoft Video Contest”

  1. Baldwin says:

    BALLY-HACK!!! If you are hard core airsoft of just kinda thinking about trying airsoft…go to Ballahack. You’ll love it! Can’t say enough good things about the field or the people you’ll meet there.

  2. BB Guns says:

    Airsoft is cool for those who are into it; I need metal. If it’s not heavy metal with some powder behind it, it’s got to be metal with some high-pressure air behind it. That said, making a video would be pretty dope.

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