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ARMA 3 – Beta Trailer

For the uninitiated, the ARMA series has always worked more towards being a combat simulator than an arcade-style shooter like the more recent Call of Duty titles and (to a lesser extent) Battlefield.


6 Responses to “ARMA 3 – Beta Trailer”

  1. Eric B says:

    I enjoyed Arma 2, but I always thought the bad guy infantry/ground troops had spotting and shooting ability that was far too superior to my skills. I always had the most fun with armor and aviation units. For the ground pounding work, I liked the predecessor Operation Flashpoint a bit more.

  2. Eric P says:

    Too many Eric’s! =)

    Eric check out these guys on youtube Arma II / III game play and how the TEAM deals with enemies, also makes for a pretty damn good TV show! Just search for these guys on youtube.





    JiveDilletante (Flyentology AWESOME montage w/ music)

  3. MEDIC!!! says:

    I have been watching this series evolve and so far I have to say I like it better then the BF series. Can grab this on steam now!

  4. Eric P says:

    Hey B this is how you kill enemies in Arma III

  5. Eric P says:

    The new dslyecxi video.

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