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Nike Air Max Spring/Summer Camouflage Collection

Nike has released a new line of Air Max sneakers in various camouflage patterns for the Spring/Summer season. It turns out the camouflages are even based on actual patterns fielded by the armed forces of various nations: the Air Max 1 and Air Max BW use a US/French camo hybrid, the Air Max 90 and 97 use an Italian camo, the Air Max 1 the Air Max 180 uses a German pattern, and Japanese and British patterns can be found on Air Max 90 and 95s.

One Response to “Nike Air Max Spring/Summer Camouflage Collection”

  1. browcs says:

    Interesting looking shoes. Not a fan of the Nike fit though. I do love my various Inov-8’s, including their camo-patterned F-Lite 230’s: http://www.inov-8.com/New/Global/Product-View-FLite-230-Olive-Camo.html

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