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Combat Conditioning


Combat Conditioning, Nathaniel Morrison’s latest fitness training e-book has just been released. Combining the secret of the Spartan’s success with Soviet sport science, Combat Conditioning offers a truly universal training program that works you hard, but is surprisingly simple, and offers amazing results. If you’re looking to improve physical performance and health, boost testosterone, and have your vitality and well being skyrocket, then Combat Conditioning is a program to look into.



2 Responses to “Combat Conditioning”

  1. Eric says:

    $35!!!! Yeah I’ll wait for a couple of neutral 3rd party reviews first.

  2. JohnC says:

    Maybe it’s fantastic program, loads better than every other Soviet-inspired programs also called “Combat Conditioning” (see, e.g., Pavel Tsatsouline, Scott Sonnon…). Heck, I like the emphasize on “athletic” training. But, without anything to evaluate, we’re left with stuff like: “Performing at a collegiate level for maximum combat…” (What does that even mean?); innuendos to super secret russian techniques (Ooh, is Jay Schroeder there, too?); “The final evolution of fitness training” (Jeez, I hope not….); “My roommate now has to wear a 30lb pack … to get his heart rate UP INTO THE AEROBIC ZONE!!” (Uh, run faster), etc.

    Not terribly encouraging. (Nor are the rampant typos and the repeated misuse of the word ‘literally.’)

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