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Volk Tactical Combat Uniform


The Volk Tactical Combat Uniform consists of the TCU shirt and pants. The shirt features 100% ripstop cotton on the arms and neck and 100% stretch cotton for the body. Both upper arms have zipper-sealed pockets and Velcro hook for identification and morale patches; the wrist feature Velcro hook and loop straps for size adjustment.

The pants feature 100% ripstop cotton, and an 80% polyester, 15% rayon, 5% polyurethane blend. The pants also have multiple pockets: rear zippered pockets, side cargo pockets, and front flap pockets. Velcro hook and loop is included at the knees and ankles for size adjustment.

The Volk Tactical Combat Uniform is available in Khaki and Grege.




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  1. blue says:

    like the grey. but VOLK is very very pricie. the set is going to be about $350

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