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DragonCon Carpet Camouflage Maker Sent Cease And Desist Order


Volpin Props, the company of the guy who made the above carpet camo costumes for this year’s DragonCon, was issued a cease and desist order by carpet company Couristan Inc over the use of its pattern. Now, before anyone claims how ridiculous this is, Volpin Props attempted to sell the pattern on print-on-demand service Spoonflower for future DragonCon cosplayers, or anyone else, to use, which would amount to one company making money off another’s intellectual property. Volpin completely agreed that Couristan has every right to defend their intellectual property, only finding it strange that after years of replicating weapons and artifacts from video games in prop form that a carpet company would be the first to send him a C&D.

Hat Tip: io9.com

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