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Happy Lief Erikson Day!


He beat Columbus to North America by nearly 500 years; the least we can do is acknowledge his achievement!

2 Responses to “Happy Lief Erikson Day!”

  1. The Glorious Bacon Man! says:

    lol If there is one thing that the vikings were known for, it was their staunch pacifist views! 😀

    My guess is that he didn’t ruin the days of the indigenous peoples because he didn’t run into any.

    Also, did you know that bacon is delicious? ’tis the candy of meats, sirs & ma’ams!

  2. defensor fortisimo says:

    He actually did run into natives and they ended up having a falling out, possibly because he tried to give milk to a lactose intolerant population. Whatever the reason, restless natives were one of the reasons Vineland never got off the ground

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