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DoorKickers Alpha 6 Update

The newest Alpha build for DoorKickers, Alpha 6, has a host of new features and updates, primarily of which is the addition of two new classes, Breacher and Stealth Trooper, and a revised map editor. The full changes are as follows:

– Breacher class and Shotguns added
– Shotgun breaching now possible – replaces Mechanical breaching where appropriate
– Stealth class and Suppressed firearms added
– Lockpicking. Beware – can be heard by enemies at short range.
– Something approaching a real Mission Editor
– 3 new pistols
– 7 new Semi-Auto/Auto weapons
– 3 shotguns
– 4 new single mission maps
– 2 new random maps
– Improvements to old maps
– Improved the random mission generator
– Improved enemy AI
– New enemy AI: Sawn Off shotgunner. Yeah, watch out for him.
– Troopers now holster the current weapon while operating devices (defusing bombs, lockpicking etc.)
– Smoother path drawing around corners
– Enemy Stun/reload icons are no longer visible in fog of war
– Tooltips are now flipped when cut-off by the edge of the map
– Improved visual effects (debris, burn marks, muzzle flash lights etc.)

Modding / Structure changes:
– Simplified new map creation; Background Entity no longer needed, texture directly referenced in mission file
– Changed location of single mission and RMG repositories
– Differentiated Speed Reload vs Tactical Reload times for weapons

– Fixed flashbang trajectory showing different path that the actual one
– Can no longer operate devices from behind walls/doors, you cheaters.
– You must now have LOS with an object in order to be able to interact with it
– Fixed sometimes losing rclick orientation tracking
– Fixed a bug where the path would not be highlighter while dragging it



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