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DoorKickers Alpha 7


Just in time for the Holidays, KillHouse Games has released the latest build of DoorKickers, Alpha 7.

The following features and fixes have been implemented into the newest build:

– Replays!
– Major improvement to enemy AI. They will seek cover. They will move around. Even we can’t predict what their doing.
– New models and animations for troopers/enemies (replaced old ones entirely)
– Added “Delete” option to final waypoint: deletes path up to the previous waypoint or the entire path otherwise
– Added personalized trooper portraits for the Stuff of Legends price tier
– Improvements to the random mission generator
– Various gameplay/control/graphics improvements
– Modding / Structure changes: Can use secondary weapons for beaching (modding request)

– Moved game files on Linux from ~home/DoorKickers to ~home/.local/share/DoorKicker
– Game should run smoother on older hardware
– Fixed a crash from 0.0.60
– Fixed accuracy being incorrectly calculated for shotguns
– Fixed a bug where troopers’ names were not visible

As always, you can buy access to the latest Alpha build which includes the full version upon release at the official website – inthekillhouse.com/

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