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IFIXIT – Action Hero Toolkit

Action Hero Kit

IFIXIT’s Action Hero Toolkit comes with everything you’d need to MacGyver yourself out of any situation:

– Bobby pin
– Strike-anywhere match
– Rubber band
– Birthday candle
– Paper clip
– Shoelace
– 1c Stamp
– Duct tape

The whole kit comes in a pocket-sized toolbox. Sadly, it doesn’t come with a mullet.


2 Responses to “IFIXIT – Action Hero Toolkit”

  1. kord says:

    Mullets aside it should have a nifty red Swiss Army knife, but great kit anyway.

  2. Jenny says:

    Its great tool, but correction, soitesgguns and glossary is not working ! I see them on the back end, but not on site translation.I tried enter correction from front end (the site) and i don’t see them on back end and not on the site.I try to enter then from back end (Google translate manager) I don’t see them on the site translation.Help is needed, because my site get very bad translation to Hebrew.I tried to publish my corrections and glossary, nothing is working !and a word to all those that can’t open their staff.the translation manager has been moved, so if you try to open soitesgguns, etc. from link you saved,you get an error.Look again for link from Google search, and update your bookmarks.

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