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NERF Zombie Strike Chainsaw


A new addition to the Zombie Strike line, this chainsaw takes an obvious cue from the Lancer in Gears of War, but it’s pretty badass so we’ll forgive ’em. Made of NERF’s trademark foam, it functions as a standalone toy chainsaw, all marked up with battle damage and the like. Pressing the green button on either side will produce chainsaw noises, although the left side also functions as the speaker so unfortunately the sound gets a bit muffled when in use. The coolest feature is its compatibility with the NERF tactical rail, so it can be attached to the forend of any compatible NERF blaster.


The Zombie Strike Chainsaw should be available wherever NERF is sold.



One Response to “NERF Zombie Strike Chainsaw”

  1. Grayson says:

    Aaaaaaaand – the really interesting part….

    I know at least 4 people who will go and purchase one of these –
    3 of whom are ‘grown-ups’ 🙂

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