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T100 Underwater Thruster On Kickstarter

BlueRobotics’ T100 Underwater Thruster is in, their words, “an efficient, rugged, affordable underwater thruster to propel the future of marine robotics and ocean exploration.” Designed specifically for marine robotics, the T100 is made of UV resistant polycarbonate injection molded plastic along with plastic bearings, aluminum, and stainless steel making it perfect for ocean use. The propeller and nozzle provides efficient thrust of over five pounds, while active water cooling keeps the motor from overheating.

Key Features

– Efficient brushless electric motor
– Compact design that fits in any project
– Strong and UV resistant polycarbonate plastic
– No enclosed pressure cavities to handle extreme pressures
– High-performance plastic bearings that don’t corrode
– Comes with clockwise and counter-clockwise propellers to counter torque
– Versatile mounting options for use on almost anything
– Rugged cable with polyurethane pressure-extruded jacket

The T100 is designed for makers and hobbyists, students and schools, and professional users alike. It has already made its funding goal on Kickstarter, although there’s still plenty of time to support the project and take advantage of the backer rewards.


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