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NERF Zombie Strike – Hammer Combat Kit


The NERF Zombie Strike Hammer Combat Kit consists of a NERF Hammer melee weapon and mask.


The Hammer features the apocalyptic ‘wear-n-tear’ look as the rest of the Zombie Strike line, such as appearing to having been made from cobbled together materials (bent pipe with wrapped wire grip combined with a brick strike head) and featuring markings and Zombie Strike branding. The mask is a bit more colorful, being made from foam with dual elastic retention bands.


Here’s one of our very own Amigos showing just how menacing this ‘combat kit’ can be. The shirt matching the mask was just a happy coincidence.

The Hammer Combat Kit should be available for sale wherever Z-Strike/Zombie Strike products are sold. We got ours at Target.



One Response to “NERF Zombie Strike – Hammer Combat Kit”

  1. johan van kruining says:

    in a sf-larp i want to portray a bezerk space marine i am 1,98 cm and 90 kg i need some explosive loking props an a wrench or pipe or hammmer

    i live in europe country holland

    greetz johan

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