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Hollywood Haunted Sports – Zombie Killhouse Runthrough

This is a runthrough of the Zombie Killhouse at the Haunted Hollywood Sports Media Night at Hollywood Sports Park in Bellflower, California. One of two killhouses being offered for Haunted Hollywood Sports, the Zombie Killhouse has a squad of attendees armed with airsoft G36s run through a pre-set path as they shoot at zombies who attack from the shadows and hide in corners. Each attendee also wears two flags, which the zombies will attempt to snatch. Losing both flags means you failed the mission, and have joined the ranks of the undead.

Note that this run was taken roughly a week before they officially launch, and isn’t necessarily representative of the final configuration of the killhouse.

Special thanks to Gregory Wong AKA spartan117gw for attending the event with us and doing the runthrough seen in the video. You can check out his YouTube channel here: www.youtube.com/user/spartan117gw

Stay tuned for more coverage of the Haunted Hollywood Sports Media Night and more.


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