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Taken 3 Trailer

First, they took his daughter…

Then, they took him and his wife….

Now, they’ve taken his wife…. permanently (like, they murdered her guys)!

And framed him for the murder!

And reused lines from the first one!

Now, he’s mad as hell, and won’t stop until his wife’s killer is brought to justice!

Liam Neeson in Tak3n!

Rated R.

In Theaters – January 9, 2015


2 Responses to “Taken 3 Trailer”

  1. tomatokilla says:

    He’s got skills!

  2. Lcon says:

    Wait I saw this one it co stars Tommy Lee Jones right?
    LN: I do have a certain set of skills.
    TLJ:I don’t Care.
    Ln: * camera cuts to stunt double jumping down water fall.*
    TLJ:* looks down from pipe produces’ two way radio* you guys have my divers and dogs on the banks of the river like I told you? He just jumped
    Voice on Radio: Yeah.. We got him. Boss just how did you know he would jump from up there?
    TLJ: This is the third time I chased a guy down this storm drain… They always jump.

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