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JackThreads / Archer – The Tactleneck

And thus, a product was born.

The Tactleneck

A collaboration between JackThreads and FX, the Tactleneck is made of the finest Azerbaijani cashmere*, is knitted to perfectly fit a shoulder holster, and will make you the suavest super spy on a mission. It comes in Black and a Slightly Darker Black**. Sizes SM – 2XL. Very limited quantities, so get yours while you can!

*not really, it’s actually 100% cotton

**actually, it just comes in Black



3 Responses to “JackThreads / Archer – The Tactleneck”

  1. James Rustler says:

    This is a shitty, cotton long sleeve mock turtleneck for fifty bucks. Rothco sells the same thing for $20. If anyone seriously buys this, I’d suggest hanging yourself with it, but the seams would probably split and you’d be out $50 plus you’d have to continue to live with your decision to buy a shirt from a cartoon show (albeit a funny one).

  2. Milton says:

    No, please…be angrier about a shirt.

  3. Danke says:

    Rothco just does black, not slightly darker black.

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