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AXTS Weapons – Raptor Freedom Bone Shirt

Freedom Bone

AXTS’ Freedom Bone design is printed on an American Apparel 100% cotton shirt.

Available in Black, sizes Men’s MD – 2XL, Women’s MD – LG.



2 Responses to “AXTS Weapons – Raptor Freedom Bone Shirt”

  1. Paralyzed_veteran says:

    Would this be ironic if a paralyzed veteran wore this? Since I do have a broken spine. Do you think they could add my 12 screws and 4 pins and 2 rods? The rods do go from the base of my neck all the way down to almost my hips. T1-T12. So one last question. Does that mean I have an indestructible spine now or that I’m more spineless?

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