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Sharps Bros. – The Jack ‘Skull’ Lower Receiver

The Jack

Sharps Bros. is a manufacturer of custom lower receivers for AR-15 pattern rifles. They recently revealed their latest skull-shaped design, The Jack, on their Facebook page. The model seen above is simply a 3D printed sample used for fit check purposes. Sharps Bros. expects to have sellable 7075 aluminum models available by April 1st this year.




5 Responses to “Sharps Bros. – The Jack ‘Skull’ Lower Receiver”

  1. Hello my name is John Moorhead I’m a Staff Sergeant in the US Army, I was wondering if you make these in .308 as well I haven’t seen any but would really like one. If it is a special order how much would it run? I’m looking for the jack lower, thanks.

  2. Larry Moore says:

    Please e-mail to me prices for the Jack Skull receivers. Thank you. Larry

  3. Cpt. Obvious says:

    Seriously people, April 1st. Do you always fall for that?

  4. Tactical Fanboy says:

    Except, this is real, and it’s available for purchase here: http://sharpsbros.com/the-jack/

    Unless, you know, the various pictures and builds floating around are all just an extremely elaborate prank…

  5. Oh look I'm in the 82nd! says:

    Lol. Love how you felt the need to mention you’re in the military…

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