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A reader has sent in info on an interesting camouflage shirt they procured at the Tahoe Hemp Company in Tahoe, CA. The shirt is made of 55/45 Hemp/Organic Cotton, hand-dyed by Divine Tribe in their proprietary Cannaflage pattern. The camo itself is reminiscent of digital Woodland, with cannabis leaves interspersed within the pattern. The reader claims the heavy, natural fibers allow the shirt to work well as a base layer, and although it took several washings to cut down on the scratchy texture, the shirt keeps warm when its cool, cool when its warm, and has great moisture wicking attributes.


Thanks to ‘JL’ for the tip and pics!

One Response to “Cannaflage”

  1. Frank Wolf says:

    That Divine Tribe design…are they starting to make it again? Has it all along been made, I just can’t find mens clothing made with this hemp/cotton blend?

    If the design is no longer being put on mens hemp/cotton clothing, please contact the original makers, there now is fresh $ to restart the clothing line again.

    Please, someone contact me!!!

    Frank Wolf, AKA, “HI-Grades”

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