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SURVCO – Tactical Credit Card AX


SURVCO is a disabled Veteran owned and operated business based out of Fort Mitchell, Alabama. The products developed by SURVCO are survival-inclined, such as the Tactical Credit Card AX. Made of 12 Gague 304 stainless steel, the Credit Card AX is a credit card-sized survival tool which comfortably stores inside a wallet. The head features 21 individual functions, including being lashed to a handle to function as a tomahawk, ax, knife, scraper, skinner, or shovel, depending on use.



4 Responses to “SURVCO – Tactical Credit Card AX”

  1. Fail83 says:

    Yup, and simply take the zip ties, large pliers, and dike cutters, that you also carry in your wallet and follow the steps and, boom, you got an axe…..Don’t get me wrong, I still buying one.

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    SURVCO – Tactical Credit Card AX « Tactical Fanboy

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    SURVCO – Tactical Credit Card AX « Tactical Fanboy

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