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True Dedication

Not my video, but found in the deep recesses of the internet.

4 Responses to “True Dedication”

  1. T.M. says:

    “A mind without purpose will walk in dark places.”

  2. Luke D says:

    ^^^sounds like something an Astartes would say…

    And I’m just glad the guy isn’t a Love Live weeb, Im@s 4 lyfe

  3. jjj0309 says:

    “Some people praise their waifu, some people worship their rifle.
    So I combined both. Behold, my holy raifu.”

  4. babola says:

    As sad as this may look to some, the guy found his interest and hobby and seems to be in it and enjoying it to the fullest.

    Let’s give him some credit, at least for originality.

    There’s too many miserable, depressed and lost souls looking for meaning of life and their purpose in it…this guy seem to have ‘found’ himself in a very interesting way, so thumbs up from me.

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