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NERF – Rebelle Secrets And Spies Secret Shot Blaster

Secret Shot 1

The NERF Rebelle line is a line of NERF blasters for girls. One of the more interesting blasters in the line is the ‘Secrets and Spies’ Secret Shot Blaster. Designed to look like a “fashionable bag”, it unfolds into a 4-shot blaster. It reminds me of a Magpul FMG-9, with a bit of a P90 influence. Change it into a briefcase or something similar, color it black with orange accents, and it would be pretty good for boys as well.

Secret Shot 2

It can be bought most places where NERF guns are sold.



One Response to “NERF – Rebelle Secrets And Spies Secret Shot Blaster”

  1. AJ says:

    The decorated darts loom like a feminine product to me. Sometimes the saying ” Orange is the new black ” can hold true in this case.

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