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Friendly Fire Rocket On Kickstarter

Friendy Fire Rocket

Friendly Fire Rockets are a project on Kickstarter, which consists of foam projectiles, designed in two common sizes, for use in pressurized launchers. There’s a 40mm version for gas powered under-barrel grenade launchers and 1.5″ PVC barrels, and a 50mm version for 2″ barrels.

The intent of Friendly Fire Rockets is to provide Military, Law Enforcement, MilSim, Airsoft, and Paintball with a safe and effective method of “disabling” Op-For vehicles and/or buildings.



One Response to “Friendly Fire Rocket On Kickstarter”

  1. Andrew says:

    Hey man,
    Was sad to see your kickstarter was cancelled, I have one of the RPG 7 rocket launchers and was looking forward to them. Is it still possible to buy them/ the plans? Etc?
    (Getting tired of my nerf knock-off rockets being obliterated on launch)

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