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Kage Ninja Gear


Kage Ninja Gear is a company that sells high-quality ninja uniforms designed for actual Ninjistu use. Made of 14oz cotton, the uniform consists of the gi, special trousers with double waist ties, standard gauntlets, a black belt, and a custom designed 1-piece mask.

The uniforms are offered in XS-XXL, and most components can also be purchased separately.



One Response to “Kage Ninja Gear”

  1. snerdly says:

    Everyone realizes the whole black ninja outfit came from kabuki theatre right? Aside from making you stand out like a sore thumb in daylight, black sucks as night camouflage. Grey or dark blue works much better. Historical ninjas dressed in enemy uniforms or as civilians and were noted far more for raiding castles and causing mayhem than for successful assassinations. Ya, I know it sucks and takes the fun away but history is history.

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