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Shadow Complex Is Free For A Limited Time

Shadow Complex

Shadow Complex, a Metroidvania side scrolling game, and one of my favorites from the last console generation, is free direct from Epic Games for a limited time. Pick up a copy if you haven’t already.


3 Responses to “Shadow Complex Is Free For A Limited Time”

  1. Defensor fortisimo says:

    The book it was written in conjunction with is worth checking out also. Empire, by Orson Scott card, basically describes a civil war between political factions following a terrorist assassination of the president. It’s not without its problems, it can be a little preachy at times and some of the descriptions of weapons handling were ridiculously bad, but the characterization was spot on and it’s impossible to read it, read cards conclusion at the end, and wonder if he doesn’t have a point. Incidentally, the sequel Shadow Empire is even better.

  2. dickly wonder says:

    Free game cool!

    Oh you want me to install your dumb ass client?


  3. Gizmo says:

    Yup, i’ve been wanting this game since it came out, and they said it was gonna be on PC back then…but once I saw it required signing up for their own gaming distribution I…could not bring myself to install. Almost gave in, but didn’t finish.

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