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NERF Zombie Strike – Crosscut Blaster


We just got one of the new Zombie Strike Crosscut blasters at TFB headquarters. It’s a 2-in-1 gun, part NERF, part spinning foam saw of doom; think a kid-friendly Lancer from Gears of War. The spinning saw action, as it is made of foam, doesn’t really hurt, but if you catch someone on the “blades” correctly, it can sting a tiny bit.



One Response to “NERF Zombie Strike – Crosscut Blaster”

  1. Yeah, this thing is really cool! The saw blade can sting a bit when it catches bare skin in the right way, but yeah… just like a tiny pinch. Overall, I’m quite fond of this little off-the-wall blaster. Can’t wait for the new one they announced, though… That one has the full-sized chainsaw built-in!

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