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SilencerCo Announces Spring Clothing Line

Merch EDIT_187

SilencerCo’s new Spring clothing line was designed to promote the new millennial shift and consumer in the firearms industry. Through this new line, SilencerCo is pairing Marvel characters and other iconic images with their #FightTheNoise campaign, as well as placing special focus on their upcoming Maxim 9 integrally-suppressed 9mm pistol.

Below is a quote from SilencerCo CEO Josh Waldron regarding the direction they’re taking with their new lifestyle line:

“SilencerCo is able to reach the younger millennial audience because that’s actually a large portion of the people who make up our company. We can understand and market to that group because we are that group. My advice to companies looking to reach a younger demographic would be to consider hiring professionals from that particular demographic to run your marketing division; that way, you produce content that speaks to your desired market and really hits the mark.”

– Josh Waldron, CEO


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