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Superesse Paracord – The Bug Out Bracelet


Superesse Paracord is a Veteran Owned/Operated store on Etsy, which, as you may have guessed from the name, makes and sells a variety of crafted-to-order paracord-based products. The Bug Out Bracelet is Superesse’s most comprehensive offering, consisting of a fully-loaded paracord bracelet, which is essentially a wearable bug-out bag with 30+ items, allowing you to “start a fire, build shelter, purify water, signal for help, waterproof a poncho, replace a shoelace, fish, carve an arrow/fashions bow, set a snare trap, tighten a lose screw, boil/cook, open a can of food, skin an animal, white a note, signal, suture a wound, etc.”

You can check out Superesse’s full offerings at the link below:


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